At Smiles Around Us and Southfield Institute, we pay attention to every single student individually and assess their needs and specific ways of learning to better facilitate an environment that best suites the student. Every classroom is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies like the smart board, and we prepare them 100% for the state exam with results soaring to the top 4th on state exams.

Our full and well-rounded academic curriculum includes Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Language Arts (Writing and Grammar), Math, Science, Social Studies, Russian, Spanish, Logic, Chess, Art, and Music. Our students follow advanced curriculum in Reading, Math, and Language Arts, and beginning as early as second grade through fifth grade children learn to read, analyze, and write about classical and award-winning children’s books.

Students grades K through 8 go on educational trips every year. Pre-K students enjoy 2 trips per school year. We travel to Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Mathematics, United Nations, Federal Reserve, Court Houses and many other exciting places. There are pre- and post-trip activities that make children’s experience more meaningful.

We also have visitors, doctors, writers, fire fighters and police officers, who talk to the students about their professions and answer kids’ many questions. For the little ones we have animal and magic shows.


Our elementary school runs from Kindergarten directly into 1st through 5th grade. Beginning as soon as Kindergarten, students start learning Russian, full literary poems to strengthen their memory skills and to better understand the material. By the end of Kindergarten, students should be able to write simple paragraphs and have a decent understanding of social studies, language arts, reading, science, hands-on manipulative activities, be able to give oral presentations on projects they will present on. All students are enveloped in a vigorous spelling and math program designed for kids to get a year ahead, as our schools do not operate on the public school curriculum.

Starting in 2nd grade, literacy books are used to further the students’ reading comprehension to completely understand the passages. Our Science Program is always hands on, during which students have an opportunity to use their senses. Our Lego Robotics Program begins in 1st grade and our 3rd graders start taking Computer Classes at this stage to have a full grasp of Computer Coding Languages, as well as Chess Classes to advance their motor and Math skills.

Our Upper Middle School starts with 6th grade and our Junior High students know how to write comprehensive and challenging essays, critically analyze poems and texts, discuss literacy books at length, and engage in debates.