Computer Science & Robotics


Computer Science & Robotics

Computer Science & Robotics

Our unique, age-appropriate Computer Science & Robotics curriculum introduces and expands fundamental knowledge and skills upon which digital technology is based. The hands on courses develop problem solving and research skills, encourage creativity, logical thinking and teamwork. Our students learn in an engaging and fun way, develop lifetime learning skills and healthy habits for interaction with technology in the 21st century.

Starting with robotics in 1st grade, our students get basic computer skills, learn about robots and write simple programs to operate them. Students also learn and build simple machines.

Our third and forth graders expand their basic technology horizon by learning about the internet, computer architecture and latest technology inventions. They work with documents, spreadsheets and images, as well as create fun digital projects for various school subjects.

Fifth graders dive deeper in the computer science areas such as robotics, algorithms and programming fundamentals.

Our middle school technology curriculum includes such topics as computer architecture, robotics, internet and cybersecurity, word processing and spreadsheet calculation, web development and more.

Year after year, students build upon the existing technology skills, widen their perspective and create a solid background for a successful future.