What do you do when your children go off track.

What do you do when your children go off track.

Holiday vacation time is quickly approaching. Extended time away from school can sometimes cause children to go off track.

Here are some simple things you can do to help your children get back into the school routine:

1. Limit TV/ Computer time-During the holidays children quickly adapt to watching more TV and playing video games for hours!

As the vacation comes to an end, begin limiting their computer and TV time. Encourage them to read, draw, or play outside instead.

2. Plan Ahead with a Kid’s Calendar-Use the school calendar or make a calendar of events for your child weekly.

This will help them to keep track of assignments that are due after the vacation, and to realize how many days of vacation they have left!

3. Learning on the Go!-If your children must travel on shopping trips with you, give them interesting challenges along the way.

For example, children may create shopping lists for you. Perhaps they can keep track of time while you shop, or even figure out change at the register. The idea is to keep them engaged.

4. Starts waking them up-Sleep schedules are often disrupted during the holidays.

A few days before school starts, begin waking your children at their regular wake-up times. This will help them to adjust once class begins. It also helps to start putting them to bed earlier.

5. Prepack the school bag-The weekend before the end of the vacation, have your child to put all of the books, papers, and assignments needed into the school bag.

Then place the bag somewhere as a constant reminder that school starts soon.


I hope you find these hints helpful.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday!

Mrs. Adams